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11 Feb 2022
Invalid Traffic: What is it and how publishers can combat it?
Invalid traffic (IVT), or ad fraud, is a threat to the entire advertising industry. Learn what it is and how to combat it to increase monetization opportunities.
14 May 2021
Stuck in the sand(box)?
If there is a digital business equivalent in a chronicle of a death foretold then the demise of the third-party cookie must be up there among prime candidates.
10 May 2021
What Are Google’s Core Web Vitals, and How Can Publishers Prepare For Them?
SEO is about to experience a serious shake-up. In June 2021, Google will begin the gradual roll-out of an update to its search algorithm
23 Mar 2021
Website Monetization - A Complete Guide for Publishers
This article is designed to help publishers understand the various website monetization methods available to them in 2021 – and develop a strategy that will help them make more money from their content.
22 Mar 2021
Header Bidding Wrappers - All you need to know
A header bidding wrapper, also known as a container or a framework, is a technology that organizes all buyers and sets the rules for efficient programmatic auctions.
4 Dec 2020 shares their experience with our new Partners Center for Publishers
Earlier this year we launched an upgraded version of our “Partners Center”. The proprietary platform that has been serving hundreds of Publishers entered a new phase.
26 Nov 2020
Project Agora Header Bidding: The Evolution of Header Bidding
All you need to know on this advanced programmatic ad technique of integrating demand partners, that allows publishers to offer their inventory to many demand sources simultaneously.
23 Nov 2020
"The Publisher Sessions" by Project Agora Retrospective
A few days ago, we hosted “The Publisher Sessions”, our virtual thought leadership forum for sell-side partners. Here’s a recap of what happened, the insights shared and what participants took away. 
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