We build a new Media revenue line for you
The future of Retail is Media
e-Retailers own the hottest advertising real estate today. Project Agora Commerce is here to highlight the value of Retail Media and enable Retailers to create a scalable and effective media solution to attract higher marketing budgets from brands. At the same time, Project Agora Commerce delivers a great shopper experience, that keeps shoppers converting. Your eCommerce site monetization is lifting off soon.​
A risk free solution to overcome scalability limitations

Project Agora Commerce is purpose built with a Retailer first focus. We help you overcome all the limitations towards a successful media offering by analyzing the needs of the eCommerce value chain, streamlining your advertising operations and generating advertising demand for your digital shelf. ​

We operate with a Revenue Share Model and since there is no set-up fee or fixed monthly cost, there is no risk for you. Moreover, our interests are 100% aligned: The more advertising budgets we attract, the more you win – the more we win.

Your Media & ad-operations
expert partner

To build and provide a scalable marketing solution, you need a clear media focus and expert teams to ensure lasting profitable partnerships. But as a Retailer you probably have other priorities such as customer service and stock management. By partnering up, you don’t just get a technology platform, but a turn-key solution with no human capital investment requirements. We will undertake to:​

  • Attract Advertiser funds and contract with Advertisers​
  • Operate the retail media platform, configure and monitor advertising campaigns​
  • Collect Advertiser payments and compensate you monthly
Your digital ad platform
Project Agora Commerce is a Platform as a Service that guarantees a seamless and fast Server to Server integration with your eCommerce system, so you always maintain control of when, where and how ads are served. Brands can promote their products with effective ad formats that fit seamlessly into your customer experience and are relevant to organic site content.