Project Agora Header Bidding: The Advertising Future on your Terms
A Meta-Header Bidding solution that integrates the best of an expanding list of header bidding options
Your Revenue Growth can reach up to 50%

We help you set up your ad server to evaluate in real time the price of your direct campaigns versus the unique incremental local and international demand that we bring via Project Agora Header Bidding. This higher real time bidding density results in uplift that can go up to 50% incremental eCPM versus waterfall set-ups. Additionally, inventory leakage and discrepancies are brought close to zero, bringing in more inventory to monetize. For publishers already using Google’s Open Bidding solution the increased competition has proven to push Google’s eCPM higher, adding an extra benefit.

Relevant Features: Exclusive Local and International Campaigns — Access to multiple Demand Platforms — Ad Blocking Recovery — AMP Pages Monetization — Exclusive Native Advertising Campaigns — Multi Ad Size Support

Deploy Immediately. Get Peace of Mind Indefinitely.

Our automation of the demanding onboarding process, and our dedicated onboarding team allow you to start seeing the revenue uplift in days instead of months. There is close to zero development work required pre- or post- launch, saving publishers valuable research and technical resources, while all maintenance and optimization is undertaken by Project Agora’s Yield Optimization expert team. Publishers use Project Agora’s Analytics Dashboard to monitor the performance of their websites and generate actionable insights for wider use.

Relevant Features: Automated Line Item Set-up — Bid Monitoring & Health Checks — Time Out Optimization — Yield Optimization — Analytics Dashboard

Future Proof Guarantee

With our Header Bidding solution you are getting a future-proof seal, guaranteed by Project Agora’s 130+ people strong professional team, who are always working to upgrade your offering with the latest ad tech innovations and developments, with no effort from your side. Being technologically neutral (and not relying on a single header bidding solution or method) we are working to either develop or integrate the best of available technology solutions out there, to help publishers take control of their advertising future.

Relevant Features: Hybrid Client based & Server to Server Header Bidding Integration — Technical Neutrality — Highly Experienced R&D Team — 130+ people operations team — GDPR & IAB Tech Lab Compliant