Health & Beauty e-Retail Media Network

Project Agora Commerce Health and Beauty e-Retail Media-Network

What Project Agora Commerce Health & Beauty Retailer Media Network is

Project Agora Commerce helps brands lift their marketing results off and streamline their retail media partnership by owning premium digital shelf on the largest Health & Beauty retail media network in Greece.

Increase Product Visibility & Sales

Brands can immediately increase their products’ page visibility and sales with Sponsored Product Listings (SPL). SPLs do not require any additional asset, and place products at the first place of organic categories and search results. Moreover, with Discovery-SPLs you gain additional visibility on non-organic sections like Home, Product Detail and Check-out Page.

Project Agora Commerce Health and Beauty eRetail Media Network increases awareness and customer loyalty

Build Awareness & increase Customer Loyalty

Brands can build awareness for new products and increase customer loyalty by reaching their customers at the point of purchase within their trusted eCommerce retailer, and effectively communicate their brand message with in-retailer Display Advertising.

Project Agora Commerce Health and Beauty e-Retail Media Network with online reporting dashboard

Reporting as it’s meant to be

To get progressively more effective and avoid the common mistake of simply tracking sell-in only, Project Agora Commerce provides an online reporting dashboard with a range of features. Brands can have a clear view of all the required metrics across all retailers (including sell out per SKU). In addition, our Advertiser Success team helps you turn these insights into action, optimizing your campaigns to make the most of your investment.

Project Agora Commerce Health and Beauty powerful e-Retail Media Network

Power of a network

Retail media budgeting was never easier and more efficient. Brands can now leave behind all the time-consuming manual work. With Project Agora Commerce all retail media campaigns are standardized, automated and can be scheduled ahead. There is no reason to contact each retailer separately. With a single campaign brand budgets are optimized across retailers, bringing the best results.

Top local online health & beauty retailers participate in the network, enabling you gain over 300M premium point-of-sale impressions per month. With Conversion Rates much higher than the market average -rising up to 20%- (SKU specific & single session conversion attribution), your RoAS is guaranteed.