Native Advertising: Your brand in the “moment of next”
What is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising enables advertisers to own consumer “moments of next” by creating meaningful branded content engagements, in moments when people are actively looking to consume new content, experiences, products or services.

Empower your business with leading Native Advertising technology

Turning any content asset at hand into relevant ad-experiences brands can reach their audience at scale within top local & global publishers. With the use of Taboola’s recommendation technology, a global content discovery leader and Project Agora’s exclusive partner, the engagement is getting personalized and happening at the exact right moment to bring real business results.

Reach your performance marketing KPIs

Drive impactful results on the consideration & conversion stages of the funnel and lead consumers to purchase with retargeting strategies, tailored messaging and optimization at scale.

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tailored recommendations
Tailored recommendations

Ensure that you reach the most interested audience by leveraging the power of advanced AI and deep learning algorithms powered by massive user data amounts.

Premium environment

Your content will be recommended in the most premium global and local websites securing a brand safe environment for your ads.

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Seize the moment with any asset
Seize the moment with any asset

Utilize different types of existing assets, from product pages to blogposts, repurposed social ads and many more avoiding any extra creative costs & minimizing time to market.

Buy Native Advertising the way you want

Whether you opt for a Self-Served or a Managed Service model, Project Agora’s extensive capabilities along with our support and expertise will ensure your campaigns’ success.

buy native advertising the way you want