Increase your Social Media Stories reach in a context where consumers pay more attention and show higher purchase intent than on social media

Shorten the path to purchase & drive sales with customizable features such as shoppable elements with product description & price and CTA buttons

Easily create interactive and engaging content by repurposing existing creative assets from your brand’s Social Media Stories

Entertain and connect emotionally with a mobile storytelling format using a variety of creative assets such as video, image, gif

Own the “moments of next”, the time when a consumer has finished reading an article and is ready to make their next action

Secure the safety of your brand within the context of premium local publishers

Tailor your message to the right consumer with the use of personalization targeting

Minimize creative costs and speed up time to market by repurposing imagery and copy from existing content you already have

PA Commerce Sponsored Product Listings Format

Leverage new Product Discovery strategies on prime retailer website positioning (Homepage, Category Pages, Product Detail Pages, Checkout Page)​

Increase the chance that a consumer discovers your product and brand

It’s not only best sellers that buyers will discover. Discovery Product Listings are also a great opportunity for brands to sell new products or items that might otherwise go unnoticed

No need for creatives – Speed up your time to market and eliminate costs

PA Commerce Commerce Display Format