Content Recommendation
More than 2,800 local websites in CEEMEA use our content recommendation solutions, powered by our exclusive partner and a global leader, Taboola, to drive revenue, increase engagement and pageviews and acquire new users.
Taboola Feed

What is Taboola Feed?
Taboola Feed brings the scrolling newsfeed experience consumers love on social networks right to your pages. It’s a game-changer for publisher revenue and audience building.

Publishers maintain control over which content types are displayed in the feed. Taboola Feed can also integrate pre-existing below-article units, including but not limited to: weather or newsletter cards, comments.

Sponsored Content
Monetize with the largest sponsored content marketplace in the industry.

Sponsored Video
Achieve market-leading monetization with seamless, non-intrusive, in-feed video experiences.

Grow your user engagement metrics and your overall revenue by increasing pageviews.

What are the benefits?

  • 35% uplift in RPM (Revenue per Thousand Pageviews)
  • 5% uplift in Organic CTR
  • 60% uplift in Sponsored CTR

How it works?
The feature enables a continuous-scrolling feed that is a completely new personalized content discovery experience for visitors on publisher sites. Visitors will now be able to scroll infinitely after reading an article to discover various information including content, in-feed videos, products, app downloads, and more, similarly to the way they currently consume content on social media.


Explore More
What is Explore More?
Inspired by native app experiences, Explore More is designed to keep users on your mobile pages longer, re-engaging them by surfacing relevant content recommendations.
Taking a common Android app user experience to the mobile web, Explore More serves users organic and sponsored content recommendations. Featuring mostly organic content (70%), Explore More increases organic recirculation and improves revenue.

What are the benefits?


  • 60% uplift in RPM (Revenue per Thousand Pageviews)
  • 100% uplift in Organic CTR


  • 45% uplift in RPM
  • 30% uplift in Organic CTR


  • 40% uplift in RPM
  • 18% uplift in Organic CTR

How it works?

1. User clicks on a link from an external app.

2. Lands on a specific article in your website.

3. Browser back and device back button serve the user additional content from your website before going back to external app.