Drastically increase your Digital Shelf Share. Influence consumers at the point of purchase.
The future of Media is Retail
eRetailers own the hottest advertising real estate today, as they are a key stop in the product discovery and research process and -of course- the point of purchase for many customers. We highlight the value of Retail Media and enable brands effectively reach their customers and directly increase their sales.
A better marketing solution for you

There’s no better or more effective way to increase your sales and brand awareness than to own premium digital shelf space. We boost your products visibility in front of millions of customers right at the point of purchase. ​

You are now able to decide which products to place on key positioning in the category and search result pages. Moreover, we bind every impression and click to a sale, giving you the exact RoAS and optimizing your budget spent.

Your digital ad platform

Project Agora Commerce enables you to seamlessly promote your products in a retailer network that connects you directly with more shoppers on top local retail sites. You can win more sales and grow your customer base with:​

  • Sponsored Product Listings that allow you to boost your product visibility in front of millions of customers right at the point of purchase
  • In store display advertising that enables you to effectively introduce your brand message and absolutely influences online and in-store sales
  • Discovery Sponsored Product Listings in prime retailer website positioning for customers to discover your products

And once your ads are live the Project Agora Commerce reporting dashboard gives you insights to track all your important KPI’s in SKU level.​