What can we help you with?
How can additional credit be added to a Native Advertising (Taboola) self-serve account? How long does it take for the credit to become available?

Account can be funded via Stripe or bank wire transfer. Added credit is usually available within 30 minutes via Stripe and within 2-3 business days via bank wire transfer, depending on the market.

How can a rejected Native Advertising (Taboola) campaign be approved?

In case of a campaign rejection, a short description of the rejection reason is provided within the platform.

How long does it take for a campaign to go live?

The review SLA is 2 working days, but usually it takes 1 day before a campaign goes live.

Is there any training material for Native Advertising (Taboola) self-serve users?

Native Advertising (Taboola) self-serve users receive all the relevant training material in a separate email, shortly before they receive the email containing their credentials.

If a client's agency is not using Xandr as their DSP and they use DBM instead. Can they still target Project Agora's audience segments?

Yes, our audience segments can be targeted with most DSPs, since Xandr’s SSP is already integrated with the majority of them. We create a specific Project Agora Deal for the selected audience, this Deal is provided to advertisers and can be targeted via their DSP.

Is it possible to target the delivery of a campaign in specific hours/days ?

Yes, hour/day targeting is possible for all our formats: standard banners, our unique ad formats and native advertising units.

Can Project Agora run retargeting campaigns?

Yes, advertisers can run retargeting campaigns on Project Agora. Depending on the type of campaign (i.e., managed or self-serve) the set up is slightly different:
For managed campaigns: Advertisers can run retargeting campaigns using our own Appnexus retargeting tag in their website. The retargeting tag needs to be generated from our Advertiser Success team.
For self-serve campaigns: Advertisers can target the users who have been tagged in their website through their DSP.

What kind of geo-targeting is available?

Advertisers can target based on country and city.

When setting-up a campaign is it by default set-up on web and mobile placements?

Yes, a campaign will, by default, run across all devices (desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet), unless there is either a specific request to exclude a device or the selected ad format is available on a specific device only (e.g., VertiGo is available on mobile devices only).

How is Project Agora optimizing campaign performance?

We optimize campaign performance against client’s KPIs (Clicks, Viewability, Video Views, Engagement, Conversions, Sales) by using a self-learning algorithm which takes into account several parameters to optimize such as: Target Audience, Frequency, Recency, Viewability Ratio, Video Through Rate, CTR Ratio etc.
In addition to the algorithmic work, our Advertiser Success team monitors the campaigns on a daily basis and takes actions accordingly, in sync with the client: e.g., replaces creatives, adjusts frequency cap, includes new relevant audiences etc.

Why can't advertisers see the publishers their campaign has run in?

Project Agora is a premium audience driven marketplace. We onboard premium programmatic inventory at scale.
We guarantee the quality of the context and brand safety by working with premium publishers only and by utilizing 3rd party technology to ensure no bad actors are participating in our marketplace.
We are 100% transparent when it comes to the publishers participating in our marketplace and we guarantee that campaigns will not run on websites outside that list.

We do not disclose the delivery of impressions or other metrics per publisher, during or after the campaign, as this is against the logic of an audience driven marketplace.

What type of audience targeting is available on Project Agora?

Our audiences are pre-defined segments of users. These segments are:

  • Created under audience groups: users who visit specific content categories within our publisher network.
  • Enhanced with contextual targeting technology, provided by Oracle’s Grapeshot, meaning users are targeted based on the content they consume at the given moment. This technology does not require 3rd party cookies and is privacy-safe.