SUCCESS STORIES gets a 17% uplift in total revenues with Project Agora’s full stack Publisher Offering

“Project Agora's full stack offering enabled us to increase our revenues and traffic. This increase did not come at the expense of user experience, which is of paramount importance for us.” M. Kosir, Editor in Chief
Publisher Objectives is one of the top digital publishers in Slovenia. Close to 1M Unique Users trust on a monthly basis, to keep up to speed with Slovenian and global news. Always keen to try new technologies had a dual objective: Revenue Maximization and Growth of User Sessions and Pageviews.

Our Solution

Zurnal24’s configuration included:

A) The implementation of Project Agora’s proprietary header bidding solution, Project Agora Header Bidding, for Display and Video inventory. Project Agora Header Bidding offered new additional ways of monetizing their inventory, which combined with the internal expert Yield Optimization team resulted to a significant increase in the demand diversity and bid density.

B) The Native Content Feed solution, powered by Project Agora’s exclusive partner Taboola, to provide a personalized reading experience in a purely native, non-intrusive way. The sponsored and organic content recommendations were delivered in a format that consumers are familiar with from Social Media (continuous scrolling experience), with the content being generated dynamically depending on that specific user’s reading pattern. Content became even more personalized with every new engagement.

As one of the biggest publishing groups in Slovenia, we are always looking for new technology to maximize the value of our online properties. Working with Project Agora’s full stack offering enabled us to significantly increase our revenues and our traffic. Most importantly this increase did not come at the expense of user experience, which is of paramount importance for us”, shared Matej Kosir, Editor in Chief, Feniks Media Doo Member of Styria Group Slovenia.


The overall partnership for Display & Video monetization and Native Content brought a 17% uplift to the publisher’s total revenues. RPM and organic CTR uplift exceeded the region average by x2 and x11 respectively.

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Type of client: Publisher


Solution: Project Agora Header Bidding & Native Content Feed


Country: Slovenia


Objective: Revenue Maximization, Growth of User Sessions & Pageviews

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