VLM sees a 15% eCPM uplift & 8% organic traffic recirculation uplift with Content Recommendation

"Working with Project Agora significantly increased our network’s eCPM by 15% after implementing the Content Recommendation Widget to our sites. Additionally, we achieved +8% organic traffic recirculation which helped us retain visitors longer, reducing bounce rate. Their support team was fully committed to guide us during the onboarding process and they are continuously providing support to help us get the most out of our collaboration."
Čápová Monika, Yield Manager

Type of client: Publisher

Solution: Content Recommendation

Country: Czech Republic

Objective: eCPM & organic traffic recirculation uplift

Publisher Objectives

Vltava Labe Media (VLM) is the second biggest publishing house in the Czech Republic with a wide portfolio of online and offline publications. More than 15 million unique users per month trust VLM sites for the latest news and entertainmentAlways first to try new technologies, VLM had a dual objective regarding Content Recommendation: to increase eCPM and overall organic traffic recirculation, without disrupting the user experience and the ad quality within their sites. 

Our Solution

VLM has been successfully working with Project Agora since 2018, utilizing various solutions of our Media Technology platform to maximize the value out of their visitors. Adding the latest content recommendation solutions to the mix was a natural choice for a publisher who values performance novelty and rapidly integrating successful solutions. 

Project Agora’s content recommendation solutions, powered by our exclusive partner and global leader Taboola, enable publishers to drive revenue while at the same time increasing engagement, acquiring new users and maximizing time on site and pages per session.  

VLM implemented the Content Recommendation Widget solution and a considerable uplift was noticed on both revenue and organic recirculation shortly after the implementation. 


Results were impressive with eCPM uplift exceeding 15%. Organic Recirculation also overcame +8% and bounce rate reduced.