Unilever and Initiative bring new rules of ad engagement with Magic Quiz

"In a data driven marketing era, we welcome innovative solutions that can offer actionable insights through powerful, engaging creatives."
Valia Sakkou, Unilever Media & Digital Hub Lead SEE

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Magic Quiz

Country: Greece

Audience Targeting: Sports Fans, Digerati, Business Travelers, Suits, Urban Hipsters

Campaign Duration: 27/05/2019 – 28/06/2019

Marketing Objective

Initiative and Unilever joined forces with Project Agora to promote and build the Ultrex love brand profile, while also raising awareness about Ultrex Deep Clean Action, Ultrex Oil Control Refresh and Ultrex Delicate Touch.


In order to boost the brand’s profile and promote the new Ultrex line, the campaign used the new ad-experience Magic Quiz.

Combining Magic Quiz’s storytelling capabilities and Project Agora’s sharp targeting, Ultrex targeted five predominantly male Audiences, “Sports Fans”, “Digerati”, “Business Travelers”, “Suits” and “Urban Hipsters”, to boost top of mind awareness and consideration for Ultrex Deep Clean Action, Oil Control Refresh and Delicate Touch.

Using Magic Quiz, Ultrex engaged their audience with a unique, interactive experience. The consumers participated in a fun quiz answering questions about their personal experiences and favorite activities. Via the insights gathered from their answers the brand was able to suggest the right product for them.


The campaign was highly engaging for the consumers with 77% viewability.

More than 43% of the users that engaged with the format, completed the quiz and answered all 3 questions. Users had a strong engagement with the campaign and consumed all its content.

A 5.34% of them finally landed on the brand’s page. Consumers had a strong desire to discover the whole story and learn more and answered all the quiz questions to get to the landing page.

The actionable insights gathered from the quiz answers are valuable to the brand, as they were used to reach their audience with a tailored message.