The Greek National Tourism Organization Drives 2.6m Video Views with Native Ads

"Our goal is always to make Greece a top-of-mind travel destination and build awareness for the Greece brand. With Taboola and Project Agora, we were able to reach audiences across 12 countries with eye-catching native ads, driving high-quality visitors to our site and generating millions of video views."
Efi Stylidiadi, Head of Advertising Department, Greek National Tourism Organization

Type of client: Advertiser

Solution: Taboola Native Ads

Country: Greece


The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is the governmental board for the promotion of tourism in Greece. It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism. The GNTO’s mission is to make Greece a top-of-mind destination for travelers across the globe.

GNTO had a mission: make Greece a top-of-mind destination all year round. To drive awareness, they’d created the campaign “All you want is Greece” with taglines like, “You will want to stay forever”. Their main objective was to lead audiences to the website, where people could learn more about specific destinations and experiences. They just needed the right marketing tools to make it happen.

GNTO Drives Awareness and Receives Over 2.6 Million Video Views Across 12 Countries with Taboola Native Ads

Using Taboola, GNTO was able to launch engaging native ads to audiences across 12 countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Poland. Native ads are so effective because they blend seamlessly into the user experience, instead of disrupting it.

GNTO distributed their Image and Video Ads in highly viewable placements throughout a network of global and local publisher sites. Each image ad included an eye-catching visual, enticing headline and motivational CTA, inviting viewers to click through and learn more.

With this wide-scale native ad campaign, GNTO surpassed their target goal, generating over 2.6 million video views.

GNTO Decreases Bounce Rate by 11.5% with Taboola Retargeting

After the success of their first native ads, GNTO leveraged the expertise of the Project Agora team to take their campaigns to the next level.

We suggested launching a retargeting campaign to lower the bounce rate of website visitors. We used the Taboola Pixel to identify users who’d already visited and engaged with content. We then retargeted those users with relevant native ads across the open web.

With this new retargeting strategy, we decreased the bounce rate by 11.5%, driving higher-quality visitors to the GNTO site. Now, GNTO intends to expand their Taboola campaigns extending their efforts in several other regions.