SUCCESS STORIES grows RPM and organic traffic recirculation on mobile with Explore More

"Explore More helped us retain mobile visitors longer on our site and increase revenues. The implementation process was seamless and was handled by Project Agora’s team without any effort or resources required on our end."
Maximilián Melles, CEO

Type of client: Publisher

Solution: Explore More

Country: Hungary

Objective: Increase of time spent on site, Revenue Maximization

Publisher Objectives is one of the biggest websites in Hungary, with more than 1.8M unique users visiting the site each month, to read local news and its varied lifestyle content.

With a significant portion of its traffic on mobile coming from Social Media sources, wanted a way to engage and retain those users more, thus increasing time spent on site and ultimately revenues.

Our Solution partnered with us to implement the native content solution “Explore More”.

Explore More, developed by our exclusive native partner Taboola, is designed to make mobile users who are coming onto a publisher’s site from Social Media and apps, stay longer on site. The way it does this is by re-engaging them before they exit, providing them with relevant content recommendations.

With Explore More, publishers can retain users longer and maximize the value they are getting out of them, without jeopardizing user experience.

Results in were impressive in the first months of implementation already.


Increase in both RPM and organic CTR was impressive. Namely, in the initial 3-months period estimated RPM traffic uplift exceeded 67% for smartphones and 52% for tablets, while estimated organic CTR increased by 138.9% for smartphones and 49.9% for tablets, proving the major impact on user engagement & retention Explore More can generate.