SUCCESS STORIES significantly boosts eCPM after upgrading to Project Agora Header Bidding

"Project Agora significantly increased our eCPM and minimized any inventory leakage issues while fully respecting our visitors experience on the site. Their support team was fully committed to guide us during the on-boarding process and is continuously providing support to help us get the most out of Header Bidding."
Nikos Iliopoulos, Head of Digital, Proto Thema Group

Type of client: Publisher

Solution: Project Agora Header Bidding

Country: Greece

Objective: eCPM uplift, zero impact on user experience

Publisher Objectives is the No1 Automotive Publisher in Greece and among the most established publishers in the field in Southeast Europe. More than 1.5 million unique users trust on a monthly basis to read the latest on the auto industry. Always first to try new technologies, had a dual objective regarding header bidding: to increase the eCPM and overall revenue, without disrupting the user experience and with no effect on the publisher’s direct campaigns.

Our Solution has been working with Project Agora for years utilizing various elements of our Media Technology platform to maximize the value of their visitors. Our cutting-edge meta-header bidding solution was the natural choice for a publisher who values innovation and fast time to market.

Project Agora Header Bidding, is not yet another header bidding solution but a meta-header bidding product which integrates all the available demand sources coming via multiple header bidding implementations (i.e. Client Side HB, Server Side HB, Amazon’s TAM, Google’s Exchange Bidding) and has them compete in real time with direct campaigns. Designed to maximize Yield, it enables publishers to increase the competition and eCPM, while saving them valuable internal ad-operations and development resources. A solution that keeps evolving with every new wave of innovation, to help publishers get the maximum value of every available meaningful option in ad tech. was one of the first Project Agora publisher partners to adopt the solution back when it was newly launched. The smooth adoption brought significant results for the publisher within the first month and consistently continued to do so.


eCPM uplift: +28.2%

Inventory Leakage reduction: <1.7% (70% reduction)

Results were outstanding with eCPM uplift exceeding 28%. Inventory leakages also significantly decreased from 5.7% to 1.7% (-70%). Zero impact on site’s latency and user experience.