Mazda 3 successfully launches with Project Agora’s One Video. Campaign greatly exceeds market benchmarks.

"One Video helped us deliver a high performing campaign with a data driven logic for this and future campaigns. Working with Project Agora we managed to communicate with our audiences in a premium & brand safe environment, while only paying for guaranteed results."
Vassilis Chalkias, Head of Digital Strategy

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: One Video

Country: Greece

Audience Targeting: Young Parents, Suits, Cosmopolitans, Business Travelers

Campaign Duration: 07/10/2019 – 07/11/2019

Marketing Objective

With the opportunity of their new flagship store opening in Athens, Greece at the end of 2019, Mazda wanted to build excitement over their re-launch in the market and the introduction of their new Mazda 3 model.

The marketing target was to effectively reach a broad audience located in Athens, drive awareness and build a qualified audience base to re-approach via content driven marketing in the near future.


Mazda partnered up with Project Agora using its unique “One Video” solution.

One Video is a cross-screen offering that guarantees completed views. With One Video, brands pay only for those consumers that watch their video in full, thus they get guaranteed marketing results.

This ad-experience is viewable by design, as the video will only play if 50% is in view — so, all completed views are by default viewable. The campaigns appear in the most premium, hand-selected publishers, in a totally brand-safe context and Project Agora undertakes all the heavy lifting of setting up and optimizing the campaign to maximize ROI of the allocated budget.

Mazda’s campaign used 2 cut version videos, showcasing Mazda 3 design and hero stories. Videos were approximately 7” secs long in duration. The short duration video creative adhered to video best practices and amplified the campaign’s performance, boosting completion rate x2.15 over the industry average in Greece*.

As an extra benefit, a qualified audience of consumers that have shown active interest by watching the branded videos in full has been built for Mazda to re-target in future marketing campaigns.


The campaign was highly engaging, with 7 out of 10 consumers exposed to it watching the video in full and engagement exceeding 1.1%.

Mazda’s strategy to utilize Project Agora’s One Video, with short duration video creatives and sharp targeting options paid off, delivering high results in all tracked metrics of the campaign.

*according to MOAT industry benchmarks for H2 2019