Major Telco in Greece boosts awareness of CSR Campaign with Social Cards


Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Social Cards

Country: Greece

Audience Targeting: Digerati, Household Shoppers, Youngsters, Young Parents

Campaign Duration: 16/12/2019 – 31/12/2019

Marketing Objective

We worked with one of the largest telecommunication companies in Greece, to create awareness around a diverse variety of CSR / Educational activities to help young kids develop digital and technology skills (STEM).


In order to boost awareness and enhance the association of the brand to this noble cause, the campaign used Project Agora’s highly engaging ad-experiences, Social Cards.

Social Cards are mobile-only advertising experiences that enable brands to use the exact same formats they have in their Social Media posts and “set them free” to run in the websites of the most premium local publishers that work with Project Agora. Brands can use a variety of organic, sponsored and targeted posts from the major social media platforms, to reach more people and drive performance. Attention rates are 7 times higher than Social Media and engagement rates 8 times higher than standard display advertising. This comes at no additional cost for creative work and significant minimization of time to market.

Combining Social Cards effortlessness and high performance with Project Agora’s sharp targeting options – “Digerati”, “Household Shoppers”, “Youngsters” and “Young Parents” – the brand amplified its content marketing strategy by repurposing the Facebook video posts it had already produced, straight to the Open Web with exceptional results.


Campaign results were outstanding. Viewability exceeded 71% and Engagement Rate was x8 the display average one.