Lidl Hellas dominates Thursdays with Native Ads and InArticle Light

"Working with Project Agora’s advertising solutions, we managed to significantly boost awareness and engagement for our online brochure. Campaign over exceeded all metrics and continues to do so, bringing impressive results for all our business KPIs."
Lidl Hellas, Online Marketing Team

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Native Ads & InArticle Light

Country: Greece

Audience Targeting: Household Shoppers, Home Chefs, Young Parents and Youngsterz

Campaign Duration: November 2018 – March 2019

Marketing Objective

Lidl Hellas, part of the German international discount supermarket chain that operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States, has a strong online presence and a “Research Online-Purchase offline” strategy.

The brand’s main goal was to bring consumers into the stores. Their online analytics indicated that the weekly offers brochure, updated ahead of the start of the week, was one of the most popular features with consumers. Consumers who visited the brochure section had very low bounce rate, and increased average time per page. Based on these insights, Lidl Hellas adjusted their strategy to focus on boosting the brochure awareness and related traffic to their website.


Lidl Hellas worked with Project Agora to deliver a campaign which would make the most of our sharp targeting and innovative formats.

To promote the online brochure the campaign included two creative solutions: Native Advertising (utilizing Taboola) and InArticle Light, a native display format. The two formats were used to “distribute” the brochure to the target audience online and lead them to the landing page, to browse through the weekly offers.

The campaign targeted the core Lidl Hellas persona: Household Shoppers, Home Chefs, Young Parents and Youngsterz. Depending on ad hoc brochure offers, additional personas were added to the mix, that matched special interests, such as Bob the Builders, Suits and Beauty & Fashion Queens.

The campaign success was measured with the following KPIs: traffic, low bounce rate, good average duration on site, viewability, premium placement. The selected formats delivered a high impact message, while respecting user experience. The campaign run both on desktop and mobile, with ongoing optimization based on the KPIs.


Campaign results were outstanding. CTR and Viewability for InArticle Light exceeded market average by 4.5 and 1.7 times respectively.

Lidl Hellas’s brochure campaign also brought prominent local industry awards: a DiMe Award, a Mixx Award and a Marketing Excellence Award.