K&H Bank uses Magic Quiz to educate on digital security and financial awareness, strengthen its innovation image


Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Magic Quiz

Country: Hungary

Audience Targeting: Business Travelers, Digerati, Holiday Travelers, Household Shoppers, Smart Buyers, Risk Takers

Campaign Duration: 17/06/2019 – 14/07/2019

Marketing Objective

K&H Bank believes in the importance of safety for their clients, not only when managing their finances, but also on the Web and Social Media. According to the bank’s research even though 30% of Hungarians are worried about a hacker attack, they are not alert when it comes to their passwords, with 56% of them using the same password on many sites and only 11% using a password management program. To address the issue and educate consumers K&H Bank launched a cyber security education initial named “K&H e-dukáció”, where everyone was able to test their knowledge and online behavior.

To promote this important initiative K&H Bank worked with Project Agora on a campaign to educate consumers regarding hacking, phising and data scams. K&H wanted to develop the consumers’ digital education and financial awareness and strengthen its innovation image, while at the same time driving traffic to their educational page.


To educate and build thought leadership on secure data management, K&H Bank used the new ad-experience Magic Quiz.

Using Magic Quiz, K&H engaged users with a unique, interactive experience, testing their digital IQ when it comes to data safety, phising and the importance of passwords. Via the insights gathered from their answers, the brand was able to define their knowledge level regarding online safety and redirect them to an educational landing page with more resources and a full knowledge test.

Combining Magic Quiz’s storytelling capabilities and Project Agora’s sharp targeting, K&H Bank targeted the Audiences, “Business Travelers”, “Digerati”, “Holiday Travelers”, “Household Shoppers”, “Smart Buyers” and “Risk Takers”.


The campaign was highly engaging for the consumers with 77% viewability.

23% of the users that engaged with the format, completed the quiz and answered all questions. Users had a strong engagement with the campaign and consumed content to discover where they stand regarding their data and privacy management knowledge.

14.2% of those engaged consumers landed on the brand’s educational page to learn more.

The actionable insights gathered from the quiz answers are now a valuable asset to the brand, as they can be used to reach segmented audiences based on their answers with a tailored message.