KFC Romania successfully caters to indecisive consumers with One Video

"Project Agora's One Video, enabled us to reach our target audience in a cost-effective way and deliver high results for our brand."
Ionela Vacaru, Senior Brand Manager

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: One Video

Country: Romania

Campaign Duration: 06/07/2020 – 31/08/2020

Marketing Objective

KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, with global presence in 150 countries.

The brand wanted to be top of mind in those inevitable moments consumers know they’d like to eat something, but cannot decide on what. KFC’s SOMETHING product range wanted to become the answer to this problem with offers that included anything from a quick snack, to complete menus at an unbeatable price.

The marketing objective was to effectively reach consumers located in cities in Romania where KFC has a presence, and spread the word that SOMETHING is the answer to what consumers crave.


To put the word out there, KFC partnered up with us using the unique “One Video” solution.

One Video is a cross-screen video advertising offering that guarantees completed views. With One Video, brands pay only for those consumers that watch their video in full, thus they get guaranteed marketing results.

This ad-experience is viewable by design, as the video will only play if 50% is in view —so, all completed views are by default viewable. The campaigns appear in the most premium, hand-selected publishers, in a totally brand-safe context and Project Agora undertakes all the heavy lifting of setting up and optimizing the campaign to maximize ROI of the allocated budget.

KFC’s campaign used 10” secs videos, showcasing short stories about the SOMETHING product range. The short duration video creatives adhered to video best practices and amplified the campaign’s performance.


Completion Rate: 66%

KFC’s campaign was highly engaging, with the majority of the consumers exposed to it watching the video in full.

By leveraging One Video guaranteed outcome offering, along with the short duration video creatives and sharp targeting options, KFC’s SOMETHING campaign delivered impressive results in all tracked metrics.