How Sarantis Group Achieved 520% Return on Ad Spend for Bio-Oil with Project Agora Commerce

"Project Agora Commerce has produced incredible results for us, hitting our target consumers and offering up strong returns on every campaign."
Valia Poulimenou, Shopper Marketing Manager Health & Care Division

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Project Agora Commerce

Country: Greece

Campaign Duration: 24/02/2021 – 31/03/2021


Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Athens, Greece with a dominating presence in Europe and strong exports across the globe. They were one of the first companies that invested in Project Agora’s innovative Retail Media offering, Project Agora Commerce, at the product launch.  

Within its first year, Project Agora Commerce has grown its network to 21 top retailers in the Health & Beauty vertical, expanding its reach to over 60% of the vertical’s visitors, according to Similar Web. One year after the launch, Sarantis has moved to an “always on” strategy across Project Agora’s network of H&B Retailers. 

Marketing Objective

Bio-Oil is a pioneering scar and stretch mark product from Sarantis Group. When it appeared in 1987, Bio-Oil was the first such solution to be oil-based; today, it is the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product. But with lockdowns keeping consumers at home, the brand needed to offset the decrease in physical-store sales by capturing the attention of the increasing number of e-shoppers.  

The product lacked organic presence on e-retailers’ relevant category pages, making the transition to e-Commerce challenging. To combat this, Sarantis’ need was to gain distinct presence and share in some of the largest Greek e-retail websites participating in our Health & Beauty retailer network.  

Doing so would enable Bio-Oil to maintain its market share in this competitive category. That’s why they turned to Project Agora.


We developed an online Point of Sale strategy, using our strong network of premium Greek Health e-retailers to produce a cost-effective campaign for the product.   

Project Agora Commerce provided a diverse set of targeted placement options: In-retailer Commerce Display boosted brand awareness and triggered brand search; Sponsored Product Listings (SPLs) increased visibility in organic categories and search results and conversion rate; and Discovery-SPLs expanded visibility to non-organic sections – like Home and Check-Out pages.  

Using each of these options, we were able to launch a strong campaign that targeted the right consumers at the right moments, ensuring every bit of ad spend produced measurable results.  

  • The month-long campaign yielded exceptional results, increasing Bio-Oil’s presence on relevant category pages by nearly 800% in the most competitive ecommerce H&B Category.  
  • Ultimately, the campaign produced a remarkable 520% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), demonstrating the efficiency of Project Agora Commerce targeted placement options.