Gridmidia sees up to 78% uplift in header bidding CPM after adding our Bidder Adapter to their prebid header bidding stack

"Bidder Adapter was seamlessly integrated to our existing set-up and brought us fantastic increases in total impressions eCPM and revenue. Project Agora was and continues to be, a valuable partner, always maximizing the value out of our every single impression."
Jhonatas Bispo, CEO

Type of client: Publisher

Solution: Bidder Adapter

Country: Brazil

Objective: eCPM uplift within in-house header bidding solution

Publisher Objectives

Gridmidia is a leading independent online media group in Brazil. The network’s sites reach 45 million unique users every month, with more than 1 billion ad requests in a month. They offer useful, fun and inspiring content across 9+ verticals: News, Sports, Technology, Finance, Lifestyle, Automotive, Cinema & TV Shows, Entertainment and Music & Audio.

Gridmidia was looking to increase bid density and overall bid competition across their sites. They wanted to do that by boosting their already running in-house header bidding solution to access more demand platforms, without adding any effort on their side, and without affecting their sites’ performance.

Our Solution

We worked with Gridmidia to seamlessly integrate Project Agora Bidder Adapter into the publisher’s prebid header bidding solution.

Bidder Adapter is ideal for publishers who already have a prebid header bidding solution in place. It brings 20+ unique demand sources, giving publishers access to local and international premium demand partners from Project Agora’s Marketplace, with the additional benefit of pre-negotiated preferential terms from the SSPs.

Publishers like Gridmidia remain in complete control as the Bidder Adapter follows their header bidding configuration and settings and uses real-time net bidding, with no technical effort or maintenance needed on their side. It’s designed to avoid latency issues and doesn’t negatively affect Core Web Vitals.

Our team of Yield Optimization Experts maximizes the value of every impression by selecting the optimum combination of Demand Sources, tailor-made per Ad Unit, device, geolocation, etc.


The higher bid density and competition among the demand partners brought:

  • 14% eCPM increase on Total Programmatic Impressions on network level.
  • Up to 40% eCPM increase on Total Programmatic Impressions on individual sites.
  • 16% CPM uplift in impressions filled from header bidding on network level.
  • Up to a whopping 78% CPM uplift in impressions filled from header bidding on individual sites.

In just 4 short months Bidder Adapter was already among the top 3 header bidding bidders of the Gridmidia network in terms of revenue, enhancing bid density across the publisher’s ad server and increasing eCPM across their whole sites network.