Global financial brand uses One Video to promote contactless payment across multiple markets in MEA


Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: One Video

Countries: UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon

Campaign Duration: 1 – 30 September 2020

Marketing Objective

Global financial brand wanted to create awareness on the benefits of their contactless payment features and effectively reach consumers located in GCC, Levant & North Africa to encourage them to use it. Brand’s research showed that consumers in the Middle East & Africa move to contactless payments for everyday purchases, with 7 out of 10 saying they use contactless payments.


To reach their goals for this product the leading financial brand partnered up with Project Agora using the unique One Video solution.

One Video is a cross-screen offering that guarantees completed views. With One Video, brands pay only for those consumers that watch their video in full, thus they get guaranteed marketing results.

This ad-experience is viewable by design, as the video will only play if 50% is in view — so, all completed views are by default viewable. The campaigns appear in the most premium, hand-selected publishers, in a totally brand-safe context and Project Agora undertakes all the heavy lifting of setting up and optimizing the campaign to maximize ROI of the allocated budget.

The financial brand’s campaign used a 15 secs long video. The short duration video creative adhered to video best practices and amplified the campaign’s performance.


Completion Rate: 47%

The campaign was highly engaging, especially on mobile devices, with almost half of the consumers exposed to it watching the video in full. The short duration video boosted performance and helped the financial brand to effectively communicate their message to their audience.