Eurobank & Ogilvy Greece Achieve 13% Higher Completion Rate with Contextual Targeting

"Project Agora was a true partner in helping us leverage the advanced capabilities of contextual targeting. Adding it to the mix enhanced our audience strategy, ensuring our campaigns targeted consumers that were in the right mindset to engage with our messaging and products."
Thanasis Paraskevopoulos, Head of Performance Marketing, Eurobank

Type of client: Advertiser

Solution: Contextual Targeting

Country: Greece

Campaign Duration: 01/10/2021 – 31/10/2021


Headquartered in Greece and operating in five additional countries, Eurobank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its retail and corporate customers. One of Eurobank’s primary financial products in their retail banking segment is mortgage loans. 

Eurobank & Ogilvy Greece routinely work with us to launch ad campaigns to achieve marketing and business objectives. They especially value our targeting capabilities and have used different combinations of formats and targeting in the past.  

Marketing Objective

Ogilvy Greece & Eurobank were looking for ways to reach consumers in Greece and expose them to their new home loan offering, which could be used to purchase land, pre-built properties or put towards renovating current properties. 

They wanted to use a full-funnel approach to increase brand and product awareness and reconnect with consumers during the consideration and purchase phases through retargeting.  


Eurobank’s home loan offer was applicable to obvious audiences interested in purchasing a new home, but also people looking to renovate or improve an already owned property. The main challenge was to target audiences in a way that the campaigns would reach both segments, within relevant content they would consume.  

Our team’s solution was to custom-create precise contextual targeting for the client’s campaigns. This approach boosted effective reach and ensured ads appeared across a broader subset of relevant articles when consumers were in the right mindset. Campaigns appeared alongside content about the housing market, housing loans, but also home renovations, interior design, décor trends and other relevant sub-topics.  

The sophisticated targeting was coupled with leveraging our impactful video offering One Video, which allows brands to show their video ads in multiple placements and only pay for results, this way maximizing the ROI of the client’s budget.    

With the target audience being in Greece, campaigns were distributed across top brand-safe publishers in our network, including, ProtoThema, iefimerida and 

By using an approach which relied on contextual targeting associated with the right keywords, we were able to maximize opportunities and capture a wider audience which would have been missed had we relied solely on traditional targeting methods. 


During the month-long campaign, we were able to surpass Eurobank’s KPIs. The campaigns generated significant engagement, as demonstrated by the increase in CTR. Additionally, the high completion rate proved that the advanced contextual targeting worked, reaching users at exactly the right moment and with the right message.  

  • Eurobank’s CTR was 1.5%, 16% higher than the market average. 
  • The completion rate reached an impressive 69%, 13% higher than the market average. 

These campaign statistics show that by combining engaging ad formats with sharp contextual targeting, we were able to reach more relevant users who would have never been exposed to the ad campaigns if only traditional targeting or social media campaigns were used.