Coca-Cola Zero Increases Engagement Per Impression by 21% with Magic Story & Sharp Targeting

"The Magic Story Ad Experience has enabled us to unlock the potential of our creative assets and expand their reach to our target audiences. The campaign out-performed our expectations, with great scores for Engagement Per Impression and across all engagement metrics monitored."
Maria Fitta, Media Operations Senior Manager Greece, Cyprus, Malta

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Magic Story

Country: Greece

Campaign Duration: 24/05/21 – 18/06/21


The Coca-Cola Company is one of the world’s largest beverage companies, serving 2.8 billion consumers across EMEA. Their range of iconic drinks includes Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta.

We have partnered with them on numerous successful campaigns in the past, including a big environmental awareness campaign last summer. The Coca-Cola brand is built on creativity, and our unique ad formats allow them to make the most out of their creative assets – ultimately boosting consumer engagement and improving brand recall.

Marketing Objective

The company has recently rebranded their popular Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drink with new taste and design. Coca-Cola Zero’s new look was a major moment for the brand, marking a departure from the unified packaging strategy launched in 2018, while the new formula, according to the campaign motto, is promising to be: “The best Coca-Cola ever”.

To ensure these upgrades received the attention they deserved, the iconic brand joined forces with Project Agora to build a carefully-targeted, creative campaign focused on consumers during the consideration stage. The goal was to showcase Cola-Coca Zero’s new look and entice consumers to try the new formula, by sending them to a dedicated landing page where they could either order a free sample of the drink or find a nearby retailer to buy it from.


The Campaign:

The campaign consisted of 3 packs of creative visuals, designed to connect Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with everyday moments of fun and happiness – eating pizza with friends, gaming, watching TV shows. It was a perfect fit for our recently launched Magic Story format combined with our sharp audience targeting solutions.

The Ad Experience:

Magic Story is an innovative and shoppable ad-experience which allows brands to bring the popular social media story format to their Open Web advertising in a brand-safe environment. They are tappable, interactive mobile ads that can be tagged with links and products to feed consumers’ desire for engaging, creative narratives. This was an ideal solution for the brand to make the most of their creatives and direct consumers to the campaign’s landing page.

The Audience:

We used Magic Story to ensure the brand’s creative assets were as engaging as possible -the next step was to make sure we bring the right message to the right audience at the right moment. Each creative pack was paired with specific target audiences to reach: gamers, tech & social media enthusiasts, young & hip audiences, young parents and online shopping lovers.

The ads were distributed within our brand-safe network of premium Greek publishers – such as CNN, Proto Thema and iefimerida.

By combining the engaging Magic Story format with a sharp targeting strategy, the campaign over-exceeded expectations and boosted the rebrand’s impact across our market.


The campaign results were monitored and analyzed on a number of metrics, such as viewability & CTR, but also focused on a set of tailored-made metrics for Magic Story, designed to measure consumer interaction and unlock engagement insights for brands.

  • The average Engagement Per Impression was 3.63% – 21% over our benchmark for similar campaigns, an increase brought by the strategic combination of ad format, message and audience targeting.
  • The average Dwell Time was 38”. With the duration of each Story pack being 18” start to finish, this means that consumers spend more than double the time engaging with the ad.
  • The average Story Depth was 58%, indicating that more than half of all consumers kept watching the Story after the first scene.