Coca-Cola uses Magic Flip to promote brand’s environmental vision and commitment to recycling

"Thanks to Project Agora’s interactive storytelling experience, Magic Flip, our CSR campaign, Zero Waste Beaches, reached high engagement levels with a wider audience embracing our vision on recycling plastic and taking action towards a zero-waste planet."
Maria Fitta, Connections Manager Coca-Cola CEE

Type of client: Advertiser

Ad-experience: Magic Flip

Country: Greece

Campaign Duration: 29/07/2019-28/08/2019

Marketing Objective

Coca-Cola, the global love brand, has a strong vision about recycling plastic and taking action towards a zero-waste planet. With this goal they launched an important CSR campaign called “Zero Waste Beaches”.

The company’s initiative was to collect plastic bottles and instead of letting them go to waste, recycle them, transform them and give them a second life. So, instead of the bottle of your favorite beverage ending up littering some beautiful beach, it takes on a new purpose and is transformed into a useful new item.

Coca-Cola wanted to spread the word about this important environmental initiative, educate consumers and engage them to participate and learn more by going to the landing page.


To reach their goals, Coca-Cola used Project Agora’s engaging ad-experience, Magic Flip.

Using Magic Flip, a “snacking” storytelling experience ideal to educate on a brand’s key messaging, Coca-Cola engaged consumers by asking them to think how an empty Coca-Cola plastic bottle can be transformed. Magic Flip brought interactivity to the brand’s messaging by surprising and delighting consumers who flipped to reveal and uncover the answer.

Combining Magic Flip’s storytelling capabilities and Project Agora’s brand-safe, premium network, Coca-Cola spread the word and achieved high engagement. Campaign’s creative perfectly followed best practices: the question on the front card created anticipation and prompted consumers to engage with the campaign, flip the card and learn the answer.


The campaign was highly engaging for consumers. 33% of the engaged consumers clicked the CTA and landed on the brand’s page to dig deeper.