SUCCESS STORIES gets major RPM & CTR boost on mobile with Explore More

"Project Agora's new Explore More feature is awesome! It helped us increase our revenue and decrease bounce rate. It's perfect without any additional actions needed from our side."
Yasser Ragab, CEO

Type of client: Publisher

Solution: Explore More

Country: Egypt

Objective: Mobile RPM & CTR uplift, Revenue Maximization

Publisher Objectives is one of the top portals for football in Egypt and the Middle East, with more than 5M unique users monthly. The site offers exclusive coverage, interviews, news, statistics, schedules and video content.

With a significant portion of its traffic coming from Social Media, wanted a way to engage and retain those users for more, thus increasing time spent on site, pageviews, retention and ultimately revenues.

Our Solution partnered up with Project Agora to implement the native content solution “Explore More”.

Explore More, developed by our exclusive native partner Taboola, is designed to make mobile users who are coming onto a publisher’s site from Social Media and apps, stay longer on site. The way it does this is by re-engaging them before they exit, providing them with relevant content recommendations. With Explore More, publishers can retain users longer and maximize the value they are getting out of them.

Explore More was implemented on without any effort needed on the publisher side and enhanced user experience. Users that land on the site from Social Media and apps, are presented with more content to discover within the site when they are about to exit it, increasing, this way, organic recirculation and ultimately revenue.


Increase in both RPM and organic CTR has had a major impact on boosting the site’s organic recirculation and revenue. Namely, RPM uplift of mobile traffic reached 313%, while organic CTR increased by 266% shifting the figures positively upon Explore More activation.