Brand Suitability and the Power of Context at a time of Crisis
An EMEA Consumer Study

Project Agora in partnership with the Union, the joint venture of five leading regional video advertising companies in EMEA, decided to dig deeper in 10 key EMEA markets and share a tracking study to meaningfully help your decision-making capacity as an advertiser or publisher doing business in and across EMEA.

Key questions you will find answered in this research?

  • How have consumers' content consumption habits and trust towards Media changed?
  • How do consumers think brands should shape their advertising strategy?
  • How does ad appearance next to COVID-19 news affect buying behavior?
  • What are the individual factors that seem to affect it the most?
  • How is the Media type impacting brand affinity and preference?

You will be surprised to read how similarly consumers feel in those 10 key EMEA markets and at the same time how dissimilar their views can be depending on culture, age and local conditions.

Download the study to get a hold of the full insights and start making better marketing decisions today.