Yahoo’s Native Inventory Now Exclusively Available through Project Agora

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Yahoo’s native inventory within Yahoo Mail & Yahoo sites is now available in Greece, Hungary, Czechia, the UAE, and 17 additional markets exclusively through Project Agora.

Taboola and Yahoo have signed a 30-year exclusive advertising partnership under which Taboola is the sole source of native advertising for all of Yahoo’s digital assets for the next three decades.

Expanding Reach with Yahoo’s Inventory

The integration of Yahoo’s inventory in these markets is a significant milestone. It enhances the network’s reach and offers advertisers access to one of the world’s largest content networks, including Yahoo Mail. This expansion is a game-changer for advertisers, as it allows for even more effective campaign delivery, leveraging Yahoo’s vast and engaged audience.

The Significance of Yahoo

Yahoo’s importance in the digital landscape cannot be overstated. With nearly 900 million monthly active users and properties like AOL, TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sports, Yahoo stands as a titan in online content delivery. This impressive reach is further amplified by Yahoo Mail, known for its large user base and high engagement rates.

Performance Metrics and Results

The partnership with Yahoo brings significant performance benefits. Globally, Yahoo boasts a substantial audience, and this collaboration promises improved experiences for advertisers with higher click-through rates (CTR) and better return on investment (ROI). Case study results speak for themselves: a tourism brand saw a 77% lower cost per acquisition (CPA), a tech client experienced a 130% increase in impressions and a 28% decrease in cost per mille (CPM) year-over-year, and a finance client achieved 289% more leads.

Leveraging Yahoo Mail’s Benefits

Yahoo Mail, the second most popular free email platform globally, is a vital component of this partnership. With nearly a million daily users, native ads appearing between incoming messages capture user attention effectively. This setting is conducive to completing actions such as online purchases or filling out forms, reducing CPAs.

Global Reach

Apart from Yahoo Mail, Yahoo is a significant global publisher within Taboola’s extensive network of 9,000 sites, including prominent names like BBC, CBS News, MSN, and ABC News. This partnership is particularly advantageous for advertisers targeting international markets such as the US, UK, Germany, and France where Yahoo properties are at the top of users’ preferences.