We have fully redesigned our targeting audiences with emphasis on contextual

Press Release

We have recently redesigned the targeting audiences we offer to advertisers, following a series of upgrades to our contextual features earlier this year.

The new offering uses Oracle Grapeshot’s best-in-class contextual technology and includes 20 pre-defined segments. These segments cover a wide range of topics, serving every brand’s needs, such as for example car, education, business, fashion, technology, healthy life, pets etc. There is also the option to create custom audiences with keywords.

The new audiences give brands the ability to target users no longer by demographics and browsing history, but by the type of content they’re currently consuming. This ensures that their ads are always shown to an audience that has a real interest in their products or services at that particular moment.

At the same time, it “unlocks” audiences which could not be reached using traditional targeting methods or social media campaigns alone. The new targeting offering is future-proof, built for a cookie-less future and it fully respects user privacy.

Combining the new target audiences with unique ad formats, brands can fully leverage our offering and reach the right audiences in engaging ways.

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