The successful collaboration between GNTO and Project Agora becomes a global case study for Taboola

Press Release

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) partnered with Project Agora to make the most of the native advertising capabilities of Taboola, the largest native advertising platform on the open web. The successful partnership stood out for its remarkable results and made Taboola choose it as a global case study.

Using Taboola, GNTO launched native ads targeting audiences in 12 countries. These native ads were seamlessly integrated into the user experience in the premium environment of the world’s largest publishers. They featured striking visuals, enticing headlines and compelling CTAs, showcasing the country’s cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences. The advertising campaign exceeded expectations, serving up 789 million impressions and over 2.6 million video views.

Project Agora further optimized the campaigns by leveraging Taboola’s retargeting capabilities. The retargeting strategy resulted in an impressive 11.5% bounce rate reduction, attracting higher quality visitors to

Efi Stylidiadi, Head of the Advertising Department of GNTO, shared her satisfaction with the partnership, stating: “Our goal is always to make Greece a top-of-mind travel destination and build awareness for the Greece brand. With Taboola and Project Agora, we were able to reach audiences across 12 countries with eye-catching native ads, driving high-quality visitors to our site and generating millions of video views.”

The case study was published on Taboola’s website and promoted across social media and other channels. Project Agora and Taboola have an exclusive partnership in Greece and 25 other markets, through which advertisers can run globally targeted campaigns, gaining access to over 9,000 top global sites and 600 million Daily Active Users.