“The Publisher Sessions” Retrospective

A few days ago, we hosted “The Publisher Sessions”, our virtual thought leadership forum for sell-side partners. This first in a new series of events brought together with great success, digital content brands and leading international experts in their respective field. Here’s a short recap of what happened, the insights shared and what participants took away. 

Digital publishers had the opportunity to hear from global advertising brands, such as The Coca-Cola Company, premium publishing brands, such as El País, and leading trade bodies, such as IAB Europe, garnering insights on emerging trends, new practices and key developments in supply monetization. Key speakers chatted with Moderator Constantine Kamaras, Project Lead / Best Practices Program, Online Publishers Association (OPA) Europe about the hottest topics in their respective industries right now. 

Barbara Sala, CEE Strategic Connections & Media Director at The Coca-Cola Company, shared her valuable experience on the demand side, of how premium advertisers are adjusting their strategy in the COVID-19 era, how data and creativity can be combined in the years to come for online advertising and where do publishers fit in the puzzle and how they can work hand-in-glove with advertisers to achieve success. 

Pablo Delgado, Product Director, PRISA Connections, elaborated on how publishing companies globally witness the re-balancing of online revenues between subscriptions and advertising, new content types to drive incremental audience and traffic and what are the main assets that publishers have in the advertising market and how can they capitalize on those in a post-cookie world. 

Filip Sedefov, Legal Director, Privacy and Patrick Verdon, Technical Director at IAB Europe, with their precious experience on the matter, did a thorough run-through of TCF v2.0, what are the do’s and don’ts for publishers, what the framework means for them and what should we expect from 2021 onwards. 

Our highly anticipated panel with senior executives from some of the most prominent publishing organizations in the region, debated how publishers across CEEMEA markets have adjusted to changing demand trends in 2020, what are their thoughts and experiences on the various header bidding solutions and which means and tools they are planning to deploy in the next year. Andrei Ursuleanu, Commercial Director at Ringier in Romania, George KoiliarisCTO at Proto Thema in Greece, Istvan Sopov, Founder & Managing Director at Adaptive Media in Hungary and Robert Madi, CEO at Regie Alfa Sal in Levant shared the answers to these questions and more. 

On the Project Agora side, Marilena Manatou, Customer Success Director and the event’s host, presented the year in review & Project Agora future plans and Alex Karageorgis, Managing Director spoke about “The Publisher’s Gambit”, the challenges publishers currently face and the way to move forward. 

“The Publisher Sessions” insights in a nutshell 

The event recording is available for a few more days on demand. 

Until you get your hands on it, here are the main event insights to take with you: 

  • Header bidding is an imperative solution for total publisher revenue growth, but it does needs significant internal resources to sustain. Project Agora offers an outsourced solution that balances revenue growth with site performance impact. 
  • Advertisers seek innovation and united forces from publishers, in order to grow spend that would otherwise be absorbed by global platforms. 
  • Publishers globally have started testing the waters with subscriptions as a new revenue stream. However, subscriptions require unique content and a shift in monetization strategy that will take time to evolve in CEEMEA markets. 
  • The new Transparency & Consent Framework v2 by IAB Europe does not impact publisher revenue. Key priority for publishers is to select the right CPM and vendor partnerships. 
  • Video is seen as a key revenue growth factor for 2021 and beyond. Project Agora is helping bring together global advertisers with local content providers via a new pan-European venture, Union. 
  • Content Discovery practices are evolving, with the aim to help publishers maximize their audience & revenue with new features, such as Explore More.
  • In a cookie-less advertising world, publishers will have to up their game with new monetization strategies in order to balance audience, revenue and editorial quality. Data is king in this game! 
  • Newsroom, a complementary tool for our partners, is deemed indispensable for editorial and audience insights with the aim to maximize traffic and user engagement. 

A big thank you goes to all our speakers and panelists and foremost to all of you who joined us for this amazing event! See you at the next one! 

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