Social Cards Now Support Tik Tok Just As Peak Season Begins

We are always looking for new ways to help brands stay relevant and engage their audience. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added Tik Tok to the formats our Social Cards ad-experience supports.

How Social Cards Amplify Tik Tok Content to New Audiences

Tik Tok is currently at the height of its popularity, having added over 300 million users in the last year alone. It is Gen Z’s favorite social network, with over 1 billion active monthly users. However, for a lot of users Tik Tok still remains a mystery. By introducing it to Social Cards, we wanted to give brands the option to reach a broader audience with their Tik Tok content – taking it beyond the narrow confines of the platform.

The innovative ad format allows advertisers to use their already published posts & campaigns from social media to extend their reach within the most premium and brand-safe sites on the Open Web.

Social Cards campaigns have an average Click Through Rate 6 times higher than standard display, in an environment where research shows that consumers are up to 63% more likely to buy through advertising than on social media.

The format already supports Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn posts, and adding Tik Tok further strengthens its offering.

Just In Time For the Holidays

The addition comes just as we’re heading towards peak season. With Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon, advertisers will benefit significantly from expanding online the organic content and campaigns they’ve developed for Tik Tok.

Ultimately, Social Cards offer a huge boost for advertisers, enabling them to bring Social Media campaigns to larger audiences on the Open Web. The format is a smart addition to any advertising strategy for brands to fully engage consumers this peak season.

Discover what it could do for your peak season strategy today.