Social Cards Ad-Experience 300th Campaign

In just over a year, we have successfully launched the 300th campaign with our Social Cards ad experience.

Social Cards is an innovative ad format which takes social posts to the Open Web. It has delivered over 130 million unique ad impressions on behalf of leading brands and agencies, including Coca-Cola, Nissan, Phillips, Pierre Fabre Hellas and National Bank of Greece.

Social Cards offer advertisers the best of both worlds


Advertisers spend time and budget in managing their social creatives and they are often on the lookout for new ways to amplify their content and increase reach; Social Cards has become a solution to this.

The format lets advertisers take their content from social platforms to the Open Web, generating an average Click-Through Rate (CTR) 6x higher than standard display ads. Brands can reach a larger audience, in a brand-safe environment and with a higher purchase intent – an OpenX study shared how 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase through ads on the Open Web than on Social Media.

The unique benefits of the Social Cards ad format has helped us launch highly successful campaigns that captured consumers’ attention and held their engagement. Nissan, as an example, used our Social Cards ad-experience when launching their new Qashqai edition. The campaign had 1.5x higher viewability than the market average and 1.48% CTR – 5x higher than that of the standard display average. On top of the boosted performance metrics the campaign also won multiple local industry awards for its creativity and innovation.

Social Cards is a strong choice for peak season

Social Cards has consistently produced exceptional results for brands – with peak season approaching, including Black Friday, the format is a good addition to any advertising and social campaign.

Quarterly trend studies have reported that Social Media CPMs rise during peak season, enforcing how Social Cards should be part of a campaign that will bring high-performing social ad formats to the Open Web highly engaged audiences.

Here’s how Social Cards can benefit brands:

  1. They can repurpose existing social assets: Helping brands reduce their production costs, launch campaigns faster and increase their efficiency.
  2. They can expand the reach of what users see on major social platforms: Social Cards completely match what users are used to seeing on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  3. They grasp people’s attention: Social Cards increase the frequency and impact of messaging in a context where users pay up to 7x times more attention vs Social Media.

If you would like to learn more about the format and what it could do for your business, click here.