, one of the largest news & lifestyle sites in CE Europeshares their experience with our new Partners Center for Publishers 

Earlier this year we launched an upgraded version of our Partners Center”The proprietary platform that has been serving hundreds of Publishers with near real-time data transparency, since our launch in 2014, entered a new phase.  

The new interface was designed to be a Publisher’s mission control center, keeping the focus on three axes: 

  • providing helpful insights on the monetization metrics that Publishers value most 
  • smoothen the payments and billing experience by automating the invoicing process 
  • provide an overall easy-to-navigate User Experience 

Since the launch we have been growing the list of new features. One of the main features was the new payments functionality, which covers a range of payment methods, as well as complete management of the monthly invoicing process. 

Our partners no longer have to produce invoices —we undertake the process of generating invoices for them. This way we are saving time and administration every month for all parties. Streamlining of the billing process means accurate invoices, produced on time, and no payment delays due to erroneous invoices. 

Klemen Snoj, Analytics Specialist at, one of the largest news & lifestyle sites in CEE, shares their experience with the new Partners Center payments functionality:  

“The new Publishers’ interface is a clear improvement to its earlier version, with powerful reports and features, all sitting on top of a modern UI. What has been a delight for our financial operations, is the automation of the monthly invoicing process by Project Agora. Invoice issuing takes up a lot of our accounting’s time, so not having to worry about producing and sending the correct invoice on time, it’s the kind of support we are looking to get from our partners. 

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