Set  your Social Media campaigns free with “Social Cards”

Project Agora, released the newest set of ad-experiences, “Social Cards”, to help brands bring their Social Media content strategy to a new amplification level within the most popular local publishers it works with in every market.

Social Cards are innovative, mobile-only ad experiences that enable brands to use the exact same posts they publish on their Social Media and “set them free” to the Open Web. They do so by repurposing and distributing them within the top web sites of every market.

Brands can use a variety of their organic, sponsored and targeted posts from the major Social Media platforms they use, to reach more people in an environment where viewers have reportedly been paying up to x7 more attention and drive performance with x8 times higher engagement rate than any other form of display advertising.

All this comes at no additional cost and time for creative work and approvals, significantly minimizing time to market and resources. Social Cards are available either on a managed basis or programmatically via a brand’s DSP of choice.

As people spend the majority of their online time outside of Social Media platforms, offering a simple and effective way to brands to extend the reach and impact of their messaging to the Open Web, is of paramount importance and completely aligned with Project Agora’s mission. Social Cards combine performance in a brand safe environment with zero creative cost and fast time to market. A winning combination.

Lots of major brands in EMEA have already used Social Cards successfully to achieve their marketing objectives with significantly boosted viewability and engagement rates:

One of the biggest discount supermarkets in Hungary ran a recruiting campaign using Social Cards, inviting people to apply for open positions within the region. This way the brand extended reach outside Social Media, associating their campaign with premium local publishers, without any additional creative costs.

Viewability rate: 72.3%

Engagement rate: 1.49%

An international Pharmaceutical company in Romania chose Social Cards to amplify an important CSR campaign. The activation raised much needed awareness and educated people about a very common, but unknown disease.

Viewability rate: 74.5%

Engagement rate: 2.15%

Using Social Cards, one of the biggest Telecommunications Companies in Greece boosted awareness and consideration around a major CSR activation, one that encouraged young kids to develop digital and technology skills. With no extra creative cost, the brand reached kids and parents about the educational initiatives it was supporting.

Viewability rate: 71.9%

Engagement rate: 2.62%

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