Publishers take control of their Advertising Future

Project Agora has successfully launched Project Agora Header Bidding, our cutting edge Meta-Header Bidding solution for publishers, built on innovation, revenue growth and simplicity.

Header Bidding has been the cornerstone of our Media Technology platform for publishers, enabling them to increase competition and eCPM for their Display & Video inventory, while in parallel saving time and resources that can be utilized smartly otherwise. Our new meta-header bidding solution significantly enhances publisher performance through:

  • Revenue Growth Boost reaching up to 50%, depending on the Publisher’s pre-existing set-up, largely due to higher bid density coming from a diverse set of local and international demand campaigns, real time competition, and minimization of inventory leakages.
  • A “Deploy Immediately / Peace of Mind Indefinitely”, commitment due to zero publisher investment needed in research and development, onboarding (which is fully automated) and all the maintenance and optimization work that is undertaken by Project Agora’s Yield Optimization expert team.
  • A “Future Proof” guarantee, to make publishers secure that the never-ending, expensive catch-up game with the newest wave of advertising technologies is being fully taken care of, in a “technology neutral” way, as part of Project Agora’s continuous investment in the evolution of our partners’ technology tools.

Project Agora Header Bidding has already been adopted by publishers across EMEA with distinctly successful results., one of the most popular and advanced Automotive Publishers in SE Europe, has seen an eCPM uplift of 28,2%, a month right after the adoption of the solution, and a significant drop in impressions leakage that resulted in a reduction of 70% versus their previous deployment.

Project Agora’s stance is: “Publishers across the world have key barriers to growth, namely technical and operational resources. Researching, developing and maintaining their own technology stack is extremely challenging due to the sheer fragmentation of options and the ever-changing advertising technology landscape. On the other hand, relying only on Google Ad Manager leaves lots of money on the table which publishers can’t afford to lose. Project Agora Header Bidding helps publishers take back control of their programmatic future and maximize their ROI, with no financial or technical investment”.

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