Project Agora Supports Dime Awards 2021

We were honoured once again to support the Greek Digital Media Awards this year. Organized by Marketing Week, the “Dime Awards” are among the most prestigious in the industry – rewarding the most effective and innovative practices in digital publishing. After the last 18 months, this proved a well-deserved celebration of local publishers’ creativity and endurance.

Local publishers have risen to the challenge

As consumers across the globe were forced to stay home by COVID-19, demand for news and content skyrocketed. This increase in content consumption also reinforced user trust and loyalty for local publishers. 

This year’s ceremony was opened by Paulina Tsathiri, Business Development Director of Project Agora. 

“It’s been an unprecedented couple of years for all of us, but as it often happens in life, through difficulties, opportunities also present themselves. The pandemic has increased content consumption and boosted public engagement with local publishers, and they have responded worthily to the growing need for information”, she commented. “The subsequent increase in digital investment has boosted the conditions for even more creative and interesting work – and that is exactly what the DiMe Awards are designed to celebrate”.

Supporting local publishers

Ultimately, supporting local publishers is beneficial to our industry as a whole. For us Dime awards are one additional way we can be there for them and support their excellent efforts. It is through this excellent work done by publishers, we as Project Agora can also offer even better services to advertisers.