Project Agora MENA

Adintop, BNC publishing, Bayt, Sarmady, Al Araby Al Jadeed, Sport360, Adline, 6 of the leading MENA digital media players, have announced their intent to launch, in collaboration with TailWind, “Project Agora MENA”, an audience driven programmatic marketplace of premium local publishers.

We believe that Marketplaces will be an integral part of the MENA digital ecosystem in due time, as ad technology becomes more advanced. Project Agora will be aiming to provide high quality and brand-safe inventory that delivers great campaign results to the brands in the region.

Mazen Singer, Regional Managing Director – MEA

Starting today, Project Agora is available for 40+ premium websites, with more than 300 Million page views per month and an impressive monthly reach of more than 40 Million MENA Audience. The coalition jointly reaches 30% of the MENA Internet population, based on data provided by, for December 2014.

Project Agora is already live in Greece and Romania since 2014 and has launched in Hungary at the beginning of October 2015.

To date, local Publishers, producing high value content and services, have been fighting an uneven battle against large international media and platforms. The fight has been to maintain their own portion of media spend in a growing market.

The local players’ share of budget has been increasingly challenged by large international competitors and Publisher Alliances are the way that local Media have been taking back the media spend they deserve.

By providing high value strategic services to clients while using synergies to make it cost effective they are able to take the fight to the large international players.

Alex Karageorgis, COO ThinkDigital Group

In Romania, the launch partners include the top 6 Internet publishing groups with over 70 premium websites and an overall reach of 5 million unique users per month. In Greece, Project Agora’s partners include 5 of the top TV broadcasters and more than 60 major websites with an overall reach of 4 million unique users per month.

In Hungary, six leading digital media players joined to reach 70% of the Hungarian Internet population. There are 100+ premium websites, with more than 340 millions page views per month and an impressive monthly reach of more than 3,7 millions Hungarians.

During its first 9 months of operation, hundreds of campaigns have run on Project Agora Romania and Greece from top advertisers including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Emirates, ING, Orange, Seat, Vodafone and Unilever.