Project Agora launches Project Agora Commerce

Project Agora launches its new service Project Agora Commerce, a new ad service within eRetail sites.

Project Agora Commerce is an innovative, targeted solution for brands to drastically increase their digital shelf share and influence consumers at the point of purchase, in a measurable way.

At the same time Project Agora Commerce builds a new automated Media revenue line for eRetailers, while increasing conversion rate and sales.

Both Retailers and Brands can track KPIs for running campaigns (e.g. Search Queries, Clicks, Sales, ROI) in SKU level, via an online Dashboard.

Project Agora will first launch in the Greek market within the Health & Beauty vertical, January 2020, with many top Retailers and Brands already onboard.

Odysseas Ntotsikas, Founder & Managing Director of TDG (Project Agora’s holding company) says about the launch: “Every Marketing activation’s success is defined at the final point of sale. Project Agora Commerce in collaboration with some of the biggest retailers per category, gives for the first time the opportunity to brands to influence consumer behavior at this point in an automated, effective and measurable manner. The future of Retail is Media and the future of Media is Retail. Those two are finally coming together”.

Learn more about the offering for Retailers.

Learn more about the offering for Advertisers.