Project Agora launches “Magic”

It’s no secret that video online content is becoming a bigger and bigger part of both Internet users’ social life and companies’ marketing strategies.

We are excited to present you Magic, a Project Agora proprietary innovative outstream video unit, embedded into the heart of the editorial content, where the focus of consumer attention is, creating an engaging yet non-intrusive experience.

Starting today, publishers and advertisers from Greece and Romania can experience the first out of a series of impactful ad formats that are developed and run by Project Agora, the first audience driven programmatic marketplace in CEE & MENA.

The Magic format is placed within a website article and displayed only when the reader reaches it. The sound is activated on mouse over (not to distract the consumer) and the video ad dissolves into the page upon completion, leaving a branded Ad behind.

Magic represents the first in a series of Project Agora innovative ad formats, including mobile only units, that will follow in Q1.

This format aims to help Marketers reach their campaign goals by creating a unique user experience powered by video, all combined with the sharp targeting of the exact audience in a Premium Publisher Context.

Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou,
TailWind’s International Product Director

Magic is soon to be launched in Hungary and MENA.