Project Agora is fighting the Brand Safety war in CEEMEA with 100% ads.txt compliance

Project Agora, the leading network of native advertising publisher marketplaces across CE, SE Europe and MENA, committed to ensure the highest brand safety standards, announced today that it is fully compliant with the ads.txt initiative.

Ads.txt is an initiative launched by IAB, which helps prevent bad actors from tricking buyers into purchasing fake impressions and allows publishers to declare companies who are authorized to sell their digital inventory.

The creation of a public record of Authorized Digital Sellers will help prevent counterfeit inventory and improve transparency across the whole programmatic advertising ecosystem. Already a number of demand sided programmatic platforms have declared they will block all unauthorized ads.txt domains.

We believe in a 100% brand-safe ecosystem, where advertisers and publishers can transact in a fair and transparent way. To that extent we are one of the first companies in the region to become fully compliant with the ads.txt initiative. Project Agora will continue to invest in solutions that protect our partners’ interests and increase faith in the programmatic advertising ecosystem”, said Alex Karageorgis, Project Agora’s Chief Revenue Officer.