Project Agora & IAB Brazil Announce Their Recent Affiliation

Press Release

We have recently become an official member of Brazil’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) – the Brazilian arm of the international network of advertising business organizations dedicated to the development and promotion of online and interactive marketing. 

A key partnership to support local publishers

IAB plays a major role in educating key players in the advertising and ad tech market of each country. They establish and enforce the official standards and criteria that are necessary for a healthy, vibrant media ecosystem.

Project Agora is already a consolidated member of IAB Europe. The affiliation with IAB Brazil was a key next step to help shape the development of the industry and Keep the Open Web Open in Brazil and the Latin America region in general. 

Establishing our commitment to the LATAM region

We are currently undertaking a rapid expansion across Latin America and joining IAB Brazil helps further establish our commitment to the region. 

With the support of IAB Brazil, we will be able to further consolidate our presence in the local market, helping local publishers maximize their revenues and reach their full monetization potential. 

Reach out to our team to find out how we help publishers make the most out of their every visitor.