Project Agora Commerce Wins Silver Award at Best in Pharmacy Awards 2021

We are very excited to share the news that Project Agora Commerce, our specialized e-Retail Media service, has been honored with a silver prize at the Best in Pharmacy Awards 2021, in the category for digital tools that enhance the modern operation and sales of online pharmacies.

Organized by Marketing Week for a fourth consecutive year, the Best in Pharmacy Awards reward pharma companies and products for their achievements in marketing and innovation.

A multi-award winning commerce solution

This new award is the 3rd prominent industry award for Project Agora Commerce. Such recognition highlights the emerging value of innovative e-Retail Media, which is currently the most valuable advertising real estate globally as it provides an entire new promotion channel for brands.

Many local retailers recognize the opportunity, but there is a failure to produce a solution that does not have limitations – such as scalability for advertisers and retailers themselves.

Project Agora has led the way, introducing the first e-Retail Media network in Greece, and Project Agora Commerce is an innovative and unrivalled tool for some of the country’s largest brands.

e-Retail Media is here to stay

Since Project Agora Commerce was launched over 1.5 years ago, the e-Retail Media market has grown exponentially.

Today, our product offers over 75 million highly viewable positions per month on the “digital shelves” and “digital aisles” for some of the country’s largest online retailers in the Health & Beauty and Grocery verticals.

More than 80 prominent brands use Project Agora Commerce to boost over 700 products’ visibility and increase their marketing performance. This has freed up dozens of man-hours for brands and retailers, which can be reallocated to more creative tasks.

Project Agora Commerce will continue to grow

Ultimately, we will take this award in our stride, using it as further fuel to expand Project Agora Commerce into exciting new verticals & markets. And as always, we will continue to improve its efficiency for our partners, helping them offer a better shopping experience for their customers.

If you are interested to learn more on Project Agora Commerce contact us here.