Project Agora Commerce Wins Bronze Tech Innovation Award at the Evolution Awards 2022

Following a string of industry awards for Project Agora Commerce, our collaboration with has earned a Bronze Award in the Technological Innovation category at the Evolution Awards 2022 -one of the most prominent industry distinctions in Greece.

The category highlights successful e-commerce and e-business sites that have gained a competitive advantage through their use of innovative technology recognizing the impact of our specialized e-Retail Media service.

The fruits of long-term collaboration

Project Agora Commerce was the first e-Retail Media network to be launched in Greece. The service enables brands to implement highly effective, automated promotion campaigns on some of the country’s largest e-commerce sites. All of which has helped it remain the preeminent e-Retail solution within the market.

Today, more than 80 prominent brands use Project Agora Commerce to boost over 700 products’ visibility and increase their marketing performance. Not only does this produce great results – it also frees up dozens of man-hours for brands and retailers, which can be reallocated to more creative tasks. is one of the top online pharmacies in Greece, and one of the first e-pharmacies to embrace our new technology. The collaboration counts close to two years, producing excellent results for both parties. This award serves to illustrate that such long-term investment in innovation pays off.  

Driving further innovation

For both parties, the award illustrates the power of innovative e-Retail Media, which is currently the most valuable advertising real estate globally, providing an entirely new promotion channel for brands. 

Paulina Tsathiri, Commercial Director Marketplace Greece & Romania at Project Agora says: “This award brings us great satisfaction, as we share it with one of the partners who first adopted Project Agora Commerce. We are extremely happy to help achieve its goals and we are excited about the results of our cooperation so far”.

Dora Kafourou, eCommerce Digital Marketing Manager at explains that the award will be a “driving force to continue to apply best practices and invest in the benefits of innovation for brands – and especially consumers.”

For us at Project Agora, the award also drives us forward. It is especially gratifying to receive an award alongside one of our service’s early adopters and we are committed to expanding the solution in the coming months and years delivering even better results to our growing list of partners.

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