Project Agora Commerce brings the joy of product discovery to eshops, with new format Discovery Product Listings (D-SPL)

Customers do not always enter a shop in order to buy specific products –they may just feel like browsing a store. That is happening online too, as eCommerce is changing from simply buying a specific item to also discovering new products you didn’t even know existed. In addition, 54% of online shoppers, who are exposed to retail media, say that it helps remind them of something they need or it prompts an idea for something they want.

Today, some customers spend hours online wondering what to choose, others decide on the spot. No matter how customers go about online shopping though, the new Project Agora Commerce Discovery Product Listings (D-SPL) Format enables brands and retailers leverage new Product Discovery strategies and increase sales.

D-SPLs Targeting Options:
  • Homepage: Retailer’s homepages are the ideal spot for product discovery. With Homepage D-SPLs, brands can catch the shopper’s attention immediately and make their products the first station of a shopper journey.
  • Non-Organic Category & Search Pages: With D-SPLs brands can now target categories pages and search terms where their products are not organically listed. Products are displayed in a separate grid.
  • Product Detail Pages: D-SPLs at the bottom of each product detail page is the best way to promote product discovery that reach shoppers who are browsing detail pages. At the same time, D-SPLs increase the chance of users to stay on a retailer site, even if the specific product was not what they were looking for.
  • Check-out Page: Customers might not think to buy an item until they reach Check-out. Check-out D-SPLs increase the chances of add-ons, simply by giving customers the option before they check out.
Product Discovery Benefits:
  • The more shoppers discover new products, the more retailers and brands increase conversions and sales.
  • You increase the chance that a consumer will discover a product (or brand).
  • Finding and trying out a product can lead users to take an interest in a brand which leads to loyal customers and repetitive sales.
  • It’s not only best sellers that buyers will discover. Discovery Product Listings are also a great opportunity for brands to sell new products or items that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • New & successful way for new buyers to reach less well-known brands.
  • You encourage more shoppers to buy.

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