Project Agora’s annual kick-off event switched to digital format

A four-day event themed around “Discovery” 

Project Agora, a TDG Company, hosted the annual kick-off event for 2021 between February 22 to 25, in a sci-fi style connecting virtually its diverse team with the participation of more than 120 employees.

The overarching theme of this year’s Strategy Digi-site was “DISCOVERY”, reflecting upon the exploratory and open mindset that is required today to successfully navigate an unchartered personal and business environment.

According to Project Agora’s Managing Director, Alex Karageorgis“2020 was a year of significant expansion for Project Agora managing to develop into an amazing team of more than 120 talented professionals around the world. 2021 represents a pivotal year in our journey, with new market and product launches, which as a Tech First Organization will allow us to scale faster and farther than before into rich new business worlds. Today Project Agora works with more than 3.000 partners across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America and we keep producing great software technology to provide efficient solutions to them. This year’s strategy Digi-site was a bit of magic that came with bringing together our diverse teams from across the globe sharing and shaping our vision for the future”.

The agenda included four fertile days of keynote talks, presentations, workshops, team games and stand-up comedy providing the opportunity for all employees to elaborate on strategic discussions and to develop their collaborative ethos.