Project Agora and Taboola Present New AI Technology That Maximizes Conversions

Press Release

Taboola’s AI That Automatically Maximizes Conversions Sees Almost Double Growth in Past 90 Days; Brands Including Hyundai, ERGO, Leica Camera, Adopting It; Technology Now Accounts for More than 50 Percent of Taboola Advertiser Spend

Project Agora and Taboola (Nasdaq: TBLA) bring Maximize Conversions, a new bidding strategy for native ads that automatically optimizes campaigns for performance using artificial intelligence. Project Agora and Taboola are partnering exclusively in 26 markets in the EMEA region. 

With this new AI technology, advertisers no longer need to manually adjust the CPC of a campaign. They simply set the budget and Taboola’s algorithm automatically adjusts the CPC to bring as many conversions as possible within the budget.  

Within three months over 50% of Taboola’s global advertisers have already adopted Maximize Conversions, including brands such as Hyundai, ERGO, Leica Camera, Peugeot and Opel. With this change in bidding strategy they have seen up to 110% increase in conversions while holding CPA steady, while many advertisers have also achieved up to 20% CPA reduction. In addition to increasing conversions, Maximize Conversions also makes campaigns more efficient, halving the time in which advertisers reach their optimal results.  

Maximize Conversions can be used with or without a set CPA goal. Without a defined CPA target, Maximize Conversions delivers the most conversions possible at the lowest cost, within the daily ad budget. When used with a defined CPA target, it brings as many conversions as possible within the advertiser-defined CPA or lower.  

“Maximize Conversion is one of our most rapidly adopted offerings ever,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola. “The world’s top advertisers are embracing it because it takes the guesswork out of CPC bidding, it clearly produces results, and it is based on AI that is trained with an understanding of their consumers–one that is unique to Taboola. We’re connecting advertisers with customers quickly and easily, no matter what goal an advertiser has.”

“Advertisers are no longer forced to experiment with CPC. They set their goals and AI does all the work. Taboola’s AI has been trained on first-party contextual signals from over 9,000 publishers and 600M Daily Active Users, ensuring advertisers using Maximize Conversions have a huge competitive advantage in effectively reaching their customers,” adds Nikos Komninos, Managing Director of Project Agora.