Project Agora and Partners Support Doctors Without Borders for the Second Year in a row

At Project Agora, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. And that is why we have once again offered our support to the Greek branch of Doctors Without Borders – the Nobel Prize winning organization that provides humanitarian support across the globe.

Amplifying MSF’s fixed donations campaign

Starting on 17th December, we are helping amplify the “Become a Frontline Supporter” campaign – a campaign dedicated to promoting fixed monthly donations to Doctors Without Borders. We will be offering pro bono our technology, people and part of the inventory we manage for a month. 

Leveraging our engaging ad-experiences, such as Social Cards, Magic Story and Taboola, we will be helping spread the campaign by amplifying its message impact, reach and engagement.

Response from our partners has been impressive and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. The relevant ads will appear within the environment of the largest publishers and health retailers and will lead visitors to the donation page. Our exclusive partner Taboola, also participates in the activation, offering pro bono part of its inventory in Greece.

Every donation counts

If you would like to support the cause too, please visit to donate and also share the campaign across social media to further increase its reach.