Project Agora: 3 years Breaking Frontiers

A few months ago, we turned 3 years old… and what an amazing 3 years it has been.

Project Agora was created with the aim to bring laissez faire in advertising by creating trusted local ad marketplaces that add value to advertisers, while protecting the interests of local publishers. Since then we have evolved into a yield operating system for publishers.

Looking back, we couldn’t have been prouder of our accomplishments.

Starting with 60 websites back in December of 2014, we reached 570 websites across 25 markets at the end of 2017.
Moreover in 2017, we managed almost 40 billion impressions. That’s 3.2 billion impressions per month, sold to 528 Buyers for running ads for more than 1.500 Brands.

This impressive growth is the confirmation of the extraordinary results, the Project Agora team has managed to consistently deliver all these years.

A team that started with just a handful of employees and grew to a team of 35 digital marketing professionals, engineers and developers located in Athens, Patras, Bucharest, Budapest and Dubai and growing to new markets in 2018.

Three years later, Project Agora is becoming a Software-as-a-Service company that has attracted 2 rounds of VC funding to further accelerate growth.

It has been a great journey so far… but it’s the next three years we are now really looking forward to.

Thank you for the support!